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A Health Life Guide : Tea Tree Oil, Natures way to combat Acne

22 Dec, 2020 | admin | No Comments

A Health Life Guide : Tea Tree Oil, Natures way to combat Acne

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Tea Tree Oil, Natures way to combat Acne

The first time tea tree oil was used in such a manner, was by the original inhabitants of Australia, who used the extracted oil from this tree. For hundreds of years this oil was used to treat a wide variety of catarrhal disease and as a cure for various skin afflictions and injuries, like: burns and irritated skin.

Tea tree oil and its healing properties have been known since the beginning of the 1900s and ever since the oil has been available in almost any pharmacy worldwide. The oil has become one of the main ingredients in creams and ointments and as a result those creams and ointments had anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties.

Acne can be caused by a wide variety of causes. The most well known factor being a hormonal unbalance which is most likely to appear during adolescence. However, it is not uncommon for acne to also appear on adults who have long passed the stage of adolescence, and who obviously no longer suffer from such an unbalance.

The most common cause for this is an over active hypodermic sebaceous gland, which creates more moisturising fluids for the skin then usual and is therefore clogging the pores of the skin. Combined with dust this creates a welcome environment for all kinds of bacteria.
In case tea tree oil is applied it clears the pores from bacteria. Due to its cleansing properties for removing dirt and oil-like substances, while the anti-septic properties of the oil prevent new outbreaks of the condition.
Besides the obviously positive aspects that come from using tea tree oil there are also drawbacks in the shape of toxins which can be absorbed.

Therefore the oil should only be applied on skin parts which are directly affected by the acne. Tea tree oil can’t be used in its pure form and must be combined with a sufficient amount of water. Used pure the oil can cause severe allergic reactions, increasing the problem rather then solving it.

To use tea tree oil properly a few drops must be mixed with water. After which it is applied on the affected areas of the skin, using a cotton swab. This should be repeated on a daily basis as it will also protect the skin from getting worse.

Tea tree oil to date is one of the most effective natural remedies known to cure acne. There are several ways to apply it. While some people will use a mixture with water as described above. Others will add it to a cream combined with aloe in order to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect. And  which adds to the healing effects from the oil by eliminating harmful bacteria contributing to the problem.


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