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Ayurvedic Oils and its applications :

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Ayurvedic Oils and its applications :

Ayurvedic oils are utilized in India as a drugs for thousands of years. The Since the skin is that the body’s largest organ the herbal properties of the oils are absorbed into the animal tissue and blood. Ayurvedic oils are different from essential oils because the herbs are cooked into the bottom oil – usually vegetable oil .

Types of Ayurvedic Oils – There are many different Ayurvedic oils prepared with detailed recipes written within the classical texts – Ashtagahridaya, Sahasrayoga, et al. . Each oil is formulated with herbs which will address dosha imbalances within the functioning of the body and mind. Below may be a list of a number of the more commonly used oils in Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic.

  • Dhanwantaram may be a warming oil utilized in winter to deal with high Vata problems like sensitivity to cold, low back aches, and joint pains.
  • Bala may be a Tridoshic oil suitable for all doshas. The word “bala” means “strength” so this oil is employed for general strengthening of the body.
  • Ksheerabala : Milk cooked with Bala into the preparation. it’s a cooler oil utilized in the summer for Vata and Pitta constitutions.
  • Balaashwagandha is Bala with Ashwangandha which may be a nervine herb. this is often a superb oil for Vata problems that stress the systema nervosum .
  • • Pinda Tailam might be an all the more cooling oil for warmed Pitta people who may experience the ill effects of rashes and skin emissions.It contains one among the foremost effective Pitta reducing herbs, Manjistha. This oil is red in color due to Manjistha.
  • Mahanarayana is a pain relieving oil for sore muscles and joints. it’s used often in cases of rheumatoid and osteo arthritis.
  • Bringadi is that the made with the first herb that nourishes the hair follicles, Bringaraj. This oil is employed to extend healthy hair growth.
  • Brahmi is an oil that contains the foremost revered rejuvenative herb for healthy functioning of the brain, Brahmi. it’s used often in Shirodhara.


 1.Sesame Oil Natural vegetable oil , as may be a documented fact, has very high medicinal value. This oil is employed for edible purposes also as physical purposes. The oil is heavily utilized in massages throughout the planet . the traditional Indian massage therapy as utilized in Ayurveda features a very prominent role for vegetable oil .

2. Mahakshirbala oil It might be a revival oil and is very valuable inside the anxious problems (Vata vyadhi) like hemiplegia, facial loss of motion.it’s good for Pitta-Vata constitution person in Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Sirobasti. Its different signs are general shortcoming and weight reduction.

3. Bala Ashwagandha For strengthening the muscle tissue in weakness, wasting, excess sporting activity, impotence. Specific for vata disorders

4. Anu oil Ayurvedic oil to stop – Sinus congestion that’s used as nasal drops

5. Dhanvantar oil Dhanvantar oil is very helpful in Panchakarama medicines for Paralysis, Rheumatism, Rheumatic torment, Sciatica, Neuralgia, and so forth. It are often used as massage or Shirodhara oil for Vata constitution people.

6.Mahanarayan oil For help in upper efferent neuron disorders, degenerative neurological ailments, muscle and joint pain

7.Dashmool BalaDashmool oil are often easily be applied to varied parts of the body for a radical and complete healing massage. The Dashmool herb itself is a particular blend of 10 different Ayurvedic herbs. Dashmool oil additionally can be utilized when conditions like rashes or comparable skin conditions happen brought about by Vata and Kapha. because of its comprehensive recuperating properties, Dashmool oil are frequently securely utilized by everybody.

8.Breast firming and enhancement (Brimhana) oil For breast enhancement and firming.

9. Pinda Oil For help in bone degeneration and pain disorders.

10. Japakusumadi oil For hair care, helps to stop hair fall, enhance hair growth, shining and to take care of natural color of hair.

11. Nirgundyadi oil For help in eczema, psoriasis, itching of skin and related skin diseases.

 12. Sahchar oilVata disorders associated with pain and impaired motor functions.

13. Mahavishagarbha oil For relief in pain of arthritis and backache.

 14. Shirodhara Oil To be utilized in Shirodhara (a Panchakarma treatment).

 15. Baby massage Oil A special formulation for baby massage.

 16. Vata Oil Massage oil for Vata constitution people.

17. Pitta Oil Massage oil for Pitta constitution people.

18. Kapha Oil Massage oil for Kapha constitution people

19. Tridoshic Oil General massage for any Vata / Pitta / Kapha people.

20. Neem Oil A powerful blood purifier. Excellent antiseptic for teeth, gums & skin. Lowers levels of blood glucose and cholesterol

21. Jatyadi Oil

A herbal oil preparation utilized in healing wounds, ulcers, skin diseases, burns, etc.

                                                Application of Ayurvedic oils.

The oils are applied in several different ways.

  • Abhyanga alludes to a back rub that rubs warm cured oil into the skin. Use a ceramic butter warmer and massage the oil over your body following the natural flow of your hair . Apply oil with long strokes down the legs and arms and round strokes at the bigger joints.

Pizhichil. 2 to 4 therapists pour warm vegetable oil over the body using 5 quarts of medicated oils. This treatment makes a profound impact in lessening Vata dosha in auto insusceptible diseases and general maturing.

Shirodhara rejuvenates the cells of the brain and therefore the systema nervosum . The oil flows as endless stream over the brow and therefore the top of the top . For therapeutic purposes this oil treatment must be received on consecutive days for 1 to 2 weeks with serious restrictions to guard the top from sun, heat, cold, wind, and dampness. Shirodhara is extremely effective in reducing insomnia and hypertension also as calming the mind.

Basti The oil is warmed and applied to the colon to scale back Vata issues like constipation, low back pain, and anxiety.

Nasya Anu Tailam may be a specially prepared oil that’s applied within the sinus area as a cleansing Panchakarma treatment.


Home Use of Ayurvedic Oils.

  • Including the utilization of Ayurvedic Oils to your home routine will maintain balance of your doshas and assist continuing well being.
  • Daily abhyanga with warm oil before bathing strengthens the body, reduces Vata, and improves ojas in order that the system works well.
  • Apply warm oil inside the nostrils and ears once hebdomadally .
  • To avoid gingivitis and to strengthen the teeth hold vegetable oil within the mouth and rub it into the gums.
  • To soothe tired eyes or computer strained eyes once every week apply purgative to the eyes liberally before sleeping.
  • In summer’s heat apply cooling oils like Brahmi and Chandanadi to the highest pf the top . A tablespoon of oil is warmed inside the palm of the hand and put straightforwardly on the Brahmarandha. Allow it to stay there for ½ to 60 minutes (a magnificent time for morning reflection) at that point take it off with a fabric prior to oiling the body and showering.

Oil rub on the feet, particularly the bottoms of the feet, will mitigate the nerves and backing a sound rest. Dr. Chap suggests kneading ghee into the bottoms of the feet at that point gaining a light-weight pair of cotton socks to quit staining the bed sheets.The effects of massage vary with the time of day. During the day it relaxes and refreshes, giving increased energy. within the evening it’s more tranquillising.

  • To be an honest masseur, one must check out the formation and performance of the musculature. One who follows the natural contours and flows of the body ensures the foremost effective massage.
  • In cold seasons, hot or warm oil should be used and within the hot seasons it’s vice¬versa. the simplest way is to place the oil into a plastic squeeze bottle then hold it submerged in hot or cold water until it’s pleasantly warm or cool consistent with things .
  • Oil should be applied at the joints or marma points during a circular manner, during a clockwise direction. And, on the opposite body parts, against the direction of the hair growth. this may direct the lymph towards the guts .
  • Before the massage, just relax. Take some deep breaths, then rub your palms together until they feel warm. This charges the hands with energy and makes them pleasant to the touch .
  • If we take the body to be an inverted tree, the brain is that the root, the spine is that the trunk, and limbs are the branches. So for max benefit, massage should commence from the upper leg. It should be massaged first on the surface then inside. The lower a part of the legs should be massaged followed by a foot massage. After this, the hips and sides should be worked with and therefore the lower back should be massaged, moving upwards, covering the upper back. Then the chest and therefore the arms should be massaged. the top should be massaged last.
  • If daily massage of the entire body isn’t possible, a minimum of the feet should be massaged nightly before sleeping and therefore the head might be given a massage every third day.

A wide range of oils is out there for massage. Simple oils that are advised for general massage are vegetable oil and mustard oil. vegetable oil is additionally good. But it’s too costly to use in our country.

  • Sesame oil is hot, heavy and sweet. It works on all the three doshas by removing swellings of all muscles, strengthening the skin texture and preventing premature aging. the form of breasts are often improved by massaging them regularly with this oil. Oil of black sesame seeds is suggested in Ayurveda to stay the hair in fitness . vegetable oil is typically preferred to mustard oil, which can sometimes irritate tender skin because it’s pungent and bitter, while vegetable oil is neutral.
  • Apart from this, there are specific oils for specific conditions. for instance , Brahmi oil induces sleep. Mahaanarayana taila are often wont to treat muscle pains and arthritic conditions. Aswagandhaadi taila are often utilized in muscle atrophy. within the same way Mahaamarichyaadi taila are often used specifically for controlling itching. These oils are often used on the recommendation of an Ayurvedic physician.

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