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Can dairy products cause acne? :

22 Dec, 2020 | admin | No Comments

Can dairy products cause acne? :

Can dairy products cause acne?
dairy products Have you tried a wide variety of acne treatments and none of them had any effect?.  Chances are the problem isn’t your skin, but more what you eat. In fact we might be looking at an allergic reaction to dairy products.

If you are afflicted with acne and eat or drink dairy products, like milk, ice cream and the likes chances are they are causing it. Obviously the best and east way to get rid of the acne is to simply stop using dairy products. Now you might wonder why dairy products, which are supposed to be healthy to consume, are suddenly bad for you. Well, the fact is dairy products aren’t what they are cracked up to be. In fact they do more harm then good within the human body, starting with the skin.

Being allergic to dairy products and acne.

Believe it or not, but being allergic to dairy products is one of the most common allergies when it comes to food allergies.While acne is not one of the typical symptoms of a dairy allergy, it basically creates the skin conditions. Where acne can strike, because it causes skin inflammation, which is the perfect environment for acne to strike.

Being allergic to diary products, means that you are hypersensitive to proteins which reside in cow milk. Your body will recognise those proteins as a potential danger and act upon it when it enters the body by producing anti-bodies to combat the proteins.

Why are dairy products so bad for acne?

People suffering from allergies have an increased amount of toxins in their body, which sets off their immune system to combat the toxins. In turn this creates high levels of a substance called histamine, which causes irritated skin and swellings: Fertile grounds for acne to break out.

However, not all acne cases are related to the consumption of dairy products. In order to make sure yours is, it is best to consult your doctor who will refer you to a dermatologist.

Why dairy products can cause acne

IGF is a hormone, which is quite useful for young cows. This hormone is present in all dairy products and can be quite harmful for humans. This hormone, unleashed in the human body amplifies the effects of acne because it causes inflammation of the skin. Clogs pores and causes the skin to swell up. The result is a worse case of acne spreading out quickly over the affected parts of the skin.

How to get rid of acne, caused by dairy products.

The answer to this question is easy but hard at the same. Because it is simply a matter of banning all dairy products in your diet entirely this includes products like: Milk, Yoghurt, Ice cream and all other products. Which the main ingredient is milk.

As to not shock the body banning out all dairy products should not be done all at once. Instead build it off gradually and once your diet is free from dairy products, maintain this for a period of three months. By then you will clearly see the effects from your new eating and drinking habits.

After this you will never want to go back to using dairy products ever again!


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