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Why Kerala very famous for Ayurveda Treatments

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Why Kerala very famous for Ayurveda Treatments

The location of Kerala is in the South Western tip of India. The state has a tropical type of climate and covers a total area of about 38, 863 square km. Kerala nown as God’s own country surrounded by the Eastern Ghats in the East and the Arabian Sea in the West. Has a network of 44 rivers, lakes, and estuaries basically popular as backwaters, which drains into the Arabian Sea.

It has got a long shoreline with serene beaches which attract the tourists from all across the globe. Ayurveda in Kerala is indeed gaining momentum worldwide for its holistic effect on the body and mind. Even the government supports this and also by word of mouth about healing. As a result, you can also avail these comprehensive Kerala Ayurvedic tour packages, which are worth while. It is an ancient system of health care which has its origin in the Indian sub-continent.

The initial origin of this therapy had been a controversial issue, but this science of cure has passed on from generations to generations.

This medicine operates on the perception that every material object, be it animal or human or even mineral resources, has medicinal values. The properties of these objects have been used for centuries to cure illness and maintain good health. The writers and compilers of Indian History like Charaka, Sushruta, Vagabhatta, Bhav Mishra. Shaligram have written about the qualities and medical uses of these herbs, mineral, metals, chemicals, animal parts and fruits.

In the ancient Indian texts, the practices and the effects of Ayurveda were also given like Vastu and the Vedas. The massage is a medical treatment which can be applied to individuals of any age. Eventually, the intensity of the massage varies from age to age. The massage therapy helps in relieving pain, improves blood circulation, relieves stress, sleep better, provides flexibility in muscles.

And remove toxic materials that gets accumulated in the joints and tissues. This age-old holistic treatment has become one of the primary revenue earning sources for India in terms of health tourism.

Tourists from India as well as from abroad, are keen on Ayurvedic therapy forming part of the package deal for a tour of Kerala. The resort or spa which offers Ayurveda treatment also supplement you with diet, yoga and meditation classes, and massage therapy. From obesity to liver problems, skin care to hair loss everything is believed to have an answer in this treatment. The beautiful climate and the natural abundance of forest with large different varieties of herbs and medicinal plants make Kerala a wonderful destination for Ayurveda. In India, the Kerala Ayurvedic tour packages are some of the most healing and restorative packages.

The most favorable time to book tours for Kerala Ayurveda is in the monsoon, when the atmosphere remains dust free and cool. The most prominent one include the Abhyangam, Dhanyamla Dhara, Dhara, Kativasthi, Ksheeradhoomam, Njavarakizhi, Sirovasthi, Snehapanam, Udvarthanam, Urovasthi, Vasthi and the Yoni Prakshalanam. These treatments ranges from seven to fourteen days or even more depending upon the package you are choosing.

Each of these packages has some distinct medicinal value and helps in attaining the harmony of mind, body, and soul. These Kerala Ayurvedic tour packages generally include accommodation for days depending upon the massage pack chosen, body massage and food. One can also opt for the shared accommodation at a discounted rate.  Generally, three options  are being available- a seven day package, a fourteen day package and a twenty one day package, from which the guests can opt depending upon their need.

Amongst the prominent resorts which offer Ayurveda in Kerala include Sanjeevanam Resort, Somatheeram Resort, Thirummal Resort, Manal Theeram Beach Resort and the Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Resort.

The treatment of Ayurveda is among the traditional and oldest medical and health sciences of the world. This ancient Indian system of healing ailments and diseases is practiced in almost all the regions of India on some scale or the other. The Kerala is the hotbed of Ayurveda in India and is rampantly popular, particularly amongst the foreign tourists. Kerala, known for many other things, besides its Ayurvedic resorts and centers. Kerala’s tropical weather, soothing waters and balmy breezes also helps to speed up the healing process for many. Legend has it that at the beginning of the origin of the world, Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, created the vedas along with Ayurveda in a book comprising of 100,000 shlokas. Slowly, Brahma spread the knowledge of Ayurveda.

It divided into eight branches, known as Ashtang Veda. These branches were: Internal Medicine – Kayachikitsa Tantra Surgery – Shalya Tantra Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat – Shalakya Tantra Pediatrics – Kaumarabhritya Tantra Toxicology – Agada Tantra Purification of the Genetic Organs – Bajikarana Tantra Health and Longevity – Rasayana.

Tantra Spiritual Healing – Bhuta Vidya which aims to maintain health and cure disease by using natural stuffs and other natural materials for treatments. No chemicals used in Ayurveda. Substances used are, oil, herbs, and minerals. Ayurveda asserts that every living and non-living organism in this universe is a combination of five eternal elements, called Pancha Maha Bhoothas.

These elements are – Air, Fire, Water, Ether, and Earth. This eternal element resides in the body as three subtle energies that control the body and mind. These energies are called Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.It is the absence of harmony between these three energies result in diseases. These treatments aim to restore this harmony and promote well being, both physical and spiritual. This treatment has earned a name for itself in the world of Ayurveda. Ancient science practiced with great dedication here. It is also home to the families that have been using and practicing Ayurveda for more than ten generations.

But, now it has gained popularity more than the modern treatments. Not only in India but influenced the whole world mainly in Western countries. This treatment is without side effects. It is not only as a treatment, but as rejuvenation. It gives relieves from stress and strains. a solution to our strained and stressed lives.

This System developed from ancient time onwards.  believed to be the oldest healing science from it all other healing systems developed.

The word Ayurveda is a combination of 2 Sanskrit words. “ayu” which means life and “veda” means knowledge. It provides a well balanced health to both the body and the mind. We can experience all these healthy health practices and have the opportunity to share this wisdom with others.

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